Kotor Tool

Kotor Tool 1.0

Modify various aspects of the KotOR game
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Fred Tetra

Modding resource used the alter the content of various files from Knights of the Old Republic. The tool includes a script editor, a BIF editor, a RIM editor, a save game editor, texture extraction abilities, and wire model extraction capabilities. It's also useful for modifying charters or weapons and changing the dialogue.

Kotor Tool is a utility for working with Bioware's/LucasArts' Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
- Module Editor
- Module Extraction
- Image Viewer
- Image Extraction (Texture Files)
- Wire Model Extraction (.MDL and .MDX Files)
- 2DA Editor (Heads.2da, Apperience.2da, etc..)
- Script Editor
- .Bif Editor
- .Rim Editor
- .MOD Builder
- GFF Editor
- Character Editing (NPCs and PCs)
- Items Editing (Canisters, Weapons, Etc...)
- Dialogue Editor
- Save Game Editor

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